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Olympic Star Michael Phelps Stars In White House Barney Cam

Since then, Barney holiday video marked former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Bush Adviser Karl Rove Dolly Parton And Alan Jackson. In the Barney Cam Christmas greeting, the first family Scottish Terrier scampers between the White House red, white and blue holiday decorations before retiring for a nap and imagines himself as an athlete. The Barney Cam was an instant holiday hit when it was introduced in 2002 and received 24 million visitors to the web his first day. Barney is shown in cutout animation as an Olympic Vaulter, diving and synchronized swimmer with colleagues Miss Beazley terrier, both in red swimwear.
19.12.08 17:10

Obama Says Financial Stability Is Top Priority

President-elect said on Saturday Barack Obama ensure financial stability and reduce the financial risk will be his priorities when considering any request by the Department of Treasury for additional funds tarp. He said The Bottom Line From My Perspective Is That We Cannot Afford A Collapse Of Our Financial System Main Street Cant Afford It reporters in Chicago..
19.12.08 17:10

The Day The Earth Stood Still

As the world governments and scientists race to understand what is happening and how to stop it, Dr Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) and his son come to understand the chilling ramifications behind Klaatu statement that he knows `` Friend To The Earth. Klaatu (Keanu Reeve), an extraterrestrial visitor to the planet Earth, became the herald of upheaval on a global scale.
19.12.08 17:10

Magazine Scene Relationship Advice From Sarah Shahi Of Life Quot

- Be nice. And don t forget to open the door and say thank you to waiters.. Here are his tips for hitting the eye - bulls. Listen, guys, Sarah Shahi (former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and current star of NBC Life ) is the ratio that provides advice in December Men health. While we enjoy sarcasm, Shah suggests to keep to a minimum, especially if you sl object of your sarcasm.
19.12.08 17:10

As Chad Pennington Looms Brett Favre Amp Jets Can Quot T Throw Season Away

Tom Brady then fell and the expectations went up. It never easy with the Jets but beat the Seahawk, a period of three teams to win with their bags packed by Halloween, then take care of dolphins, a beautiful story, if not a good team and win the AFC East. Although the Jets have flopped since winning those back-to-back games in New England and Tennessee when it seemed that the class of AFC, are in position to finish first this out and win the division. Two days after the Jets Brett Favre acquired in August, I said that it would be a 10-6 wild-card team.
19.12.08 17:10


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